Umetal was founded more than 10 years ago. It is located in Muskiz (Bizkaia) in northern Spain. It was set up to make use of graphic arts technologies (graphic design and photography) as an aesthetic resource for the unlimited customising of façades. We make this technology available to architects as a tool for breaking down barriers to creativity and for applying colour.

We have developed in-house know-how including specific engineering, and have invested strongly in technology. As a result we have obtained a product that is very much our own, and have gained sound expertise in the relevant regulations. This is necessary to meet exterior durability requirements for façades in the construction sector.

Years of hard work have given us the knowledge to specialise boldly and focus on the application of printed lacquers as an exterior finish for metal façade systems under the name UMETALCOAT® (metal panels and sections, including perforated products). Apart from metal supports, we also specialise in applying the technique on glass and have developed a printed laminated glass product named UMETALGLASS®. Here too, we meet all the regulations for glass on façades and curtain walls.

Our aim is to share our solutions in the field of architecture, providing innovative technology to help change the image of buildings and, by extension, new urban areas, changing the concept of façades in a way that over time will become a landmark for innovation and uniqueness.