With Umetal, the architect customises his work on gigantic dimensions

After overcoming the challenge of internalisation and taking root with its technology in our neighbouring country, the Biscay company now pursues the challenge of extending its sphere of action by encouraging a greater number of professionals interested in renewing the physiognomy of their cities by harmonising Engineering and Architecture through graphic design.

Umetal uses unique technology based on the principles of graphic design, which is capable of decorating large surfaces, making them unique and, in many cases, helping to convey a message, such as brand reinforcement. Its value consists of providing an aesthetic solution on a large scale, which has nothing to do with conventional design.

And its potential is so powerful that it contains an entire philosophy, a statement of principles that encourages practitioners to dare to squeeze every last drop out of their imaginations and wrap their buildings in bold and personal designs, so much so that it has managed to penetrate into the French Republic and put his stamp on the residential sector. Closer by, in Barcelona, it applied its technology to the Renaissance Hotel in Barcelona, a work of Jean Nouvel’s.

A highly renowned architect of proven professionalism, who has been responsible for many landmark buildings across the world, Nouvel perfectly understood Umetal’s philosophy. The same thing has happened in Newcastle, where the Biscay firm is applying its technology on the coating of the interior of its metro station by reproducing a work by another artist. Umetal has come to Nigeria, where is applying its product to the façade of a 25-storey hotel.

The strength of the design is infinite

But Umetal’s technology has limitations, which have to do with being highly exposed: since it is a very visible aesthetic resource, its use is liable to generate fear in proportion to the surfaces in question.

There is another risk, that of confusing this tool with more conventional ones that are not as ambitious as vinyl, since Umetal’s technology meets the requirements of the coating in the field of construction.

In this sense, “Umetal offers the market a trusted, tested system with greater durability that complies with the market’s specifications, as well as with the requirements of the elements in the market,” according to their manager, Borja San Emeterio.